Drone Videography Online Course

Want to learn how to fly? Learn how to use drones creatively and start your own photography and videography business!

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We are a digital media training company that empowers creators to learn, grow, and connect with audiences through cutting-edge video. Learn practical skills to get ready for the changing workplace that you can use right now.
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About Us:

Online courses to help all students create compelling videos and upskill their talents. Simply. Conveniently. In all formats. Using our online courses, tutorials, & training, our students learn practical digital media skills that get them ready for the changing workplace that they can use right now.

With an annual or monthly subscription, students can access over 30+ online courses and 500+ classes on film production, storytelling, crowdfunding, business, marketing & promotion, and more. All our courses are written by creative professionals, and it’s easy for beginners and experts alike to learn new skills.

With a surge in demand for digital content, this is the perfect time to learn new skills and take advantage of new gig opportunities in digital media and video production


What We Offer:

Online training courses on film production, storytelling, marketing, crowdfunding, marketing & promotion & business

Program Offer

  • Monthly subscription – $25 / month, one month free
  • Annual subscription – $150 / year (saves 50%) and one month free
  • 30-day trial, cancel any time


Drone Videography Online Course

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