Help the community manage their business office, prevent crime and survive the streets.

Encourage professionalism in the street.

Help inner city youth meet today’s criteria.

Help the community exercise sound business judgement

Manage risks & don’t give trouble the opportunity

Do our best in taking care of our community

Help others overcome oversight & know ahead of time

Prevent the community from gross negligence

Never give someone the reason to question the communities integrity

How can we HELP each other?!

Welcome to My Office In The Street! This is a business to business charge and conviction for the #myofficeinthestreetsmentorchallenge and being mutually beneficial with each other!

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We promote positive community change by offering fundamental business solutions in the real world. Catering to the aspiring inner city culture & fashion, incorporating higher thought with in-house brands including The Life of A Troubleshooter, The Heart Of A Loveshooter, The Mind Of A Moneyshooter and The Soul Of A Provider brands. A genuine attempt in curbing misconceptions that have had many missing their blessings.

We are also an American multinational media lifestyle retailer headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama dedicated to encouraging inner city communities through a divine combination of product resources, creativity and cultural understanding. Our inventory primarily consists of fashion apparel, footwear, beauty accessories, music tracks, graphic design, engineering and consultation services to help up and coming individuals and businesses survive and thrive.

5 thoughts on “Office Mission

  1. Latika Patterson says:

    Mr. Cano is a Mastermind behind everything he Births.
    Keep Believing and Reaching. Know that Everything that’s attached to you Wins.

  2. Anterrius Davis says:

    Since meeting Cano he has been a big brother and mentor. My credit score has improved and he has designed all my business flyers and websites. Cano is brilliant I recommend him to anyone trying to level up.

  3. Christian says:

    Amazing work bro!! The world needs more people like you, keep doing what you are doing for the greater good of our future generations!

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