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Renew The Dignity Of Due Diligence shares courses and resources to the community, giving an opportunity and access to unquestionable skills to go from wanting more to having more using higher level capabilities to tap into higher potential, building credibility & authority to deal resourcefully through crisis and bounce back, exercising sound judgement and making better decisions for Wealth Building and The Best Version Of You.
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    You’ve taken your ideas and formed them into a manuscript using the power of determination. Congratulations! That’s a huge step, and you should be proud of your creative prowess. Now it’s time to turn that manuscript into a full-fledged book for readers to enjoy, and one great way is by self-publishing with Amazon Kindle. Since […]
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    Home appliances can be expensive and leave little room in your budget to buy a warranty. Here’s why you may not need a home appliance protection plan after all. This was originally published on The Penny Hoarder, which helps millions of readers worldwide earn and save money by sharing unique job opportunities, personal stories, freebies […]
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    Dear Penny, My boyfriend asked to move in together after eight months of dating. I was honored. Then after I didn’t renew my lease, we talked finances. I am aware the timing was poor.  He is expecting we split everything 50/50, which would mean me paying $500 per month more than I do now. He […]
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    In 2022, remote work is almost a given. Many companies at least offer a hybrid plan that involves working from home and some days in the office. But, in 2010, the idea of working remotely — much less as an entire company — was rare, and that’s exactly where BELAY Solutions started. Based in Atlanta, […]
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    It’s all over the news these days — interest rates continue to rise. Student loan borrowers with variable rates and borrowers with credit card debt will certainly feel the pinch. Potential homebuyers who waited through historically low interest rates to save for down payments now face interest rates of 7% on a 30-year fixed rate mortgage, […]

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    • by Paul “Big Homie” Duong
      Ayo. Nicki Minaj adds her flare on the remix to dancehall artist Skeng’s hit “Likkle Miss”. Directed by Andre “DreVinci” Jones, the video centers the two lounging in a drop-top Rolls Royce and amongst friends at a graffitied-location swarmed with scantily-clad women twerking. “Ah trigger man put ring deh pon mi hand. ” the Queen […]
    • by Paul “Big Homie” Duong
      Rihanna is going to the Super Bowl. The NFL and Roc Nation have just announced that Rihanna will take the stage during the halftime show of Super Bowl LVII. Shorty after announcement, the multi-platinum-singer and business mogul broke silence and posted a photo of her holding a football on her social media handle. Shortly before […]
    • by Paul “Big Homie” Duong
      All devils go to Hell. Tobe Nwigwe lays the devil to rest in his new music video “Head To Hades” featuring Royce 5’9″ and Foggieraw. Along with his choir, Tobe hovers over a grave where a devil lies six feet deep. “Yo’ ‘hood fill a whole bunch of sombreros, big cappers / I’m good with […]
    • by Paul “Big Homie” Duong
      Pap Did! After previewing the clip on social media, Papoose releases the official audio for his latest freestyle, “Pap Did”. Over DJ Khaled and company’s “God Did” instrumental, the Brooklyn veteran gets back into his comfort zone with the bars. “Papoose is a prophet, he’s smart as Moses / When it comes to the lyrics, […]
    • by Paul “Big Homie” Duong
      Back to back like Curry ’17, ’18. Fabolous and Dave East reunite on their long-awaited collaboration, “Bach To Bach”. The track was first teased late last year in a preview of its upcoming video. Over a sample from Loose End’s “You Can’t Stop The Rain”, Loso raps sets it off over Sonaro’s soulful loop. “They […]

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