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Credits: All Music Mixed, Mastered & Produced By Cano Cain Classic For Solomon s Seal Music Publishing BMI © 2020

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I like to help impact artists careers by giving the success tools to tap into their full potential and removing the roadblocks to help them make it big through virtue of the arts.

I’ve Waited. Held Out. Now It’s Time. Your feedback means the world.

Cano – Your Future Producer

“You are officially An Honorary Member Of Beats By The Pound”

Craig B, Odell & Mo B. Dick
Beats By The Pound aka The Medicine Men| No Limit Records | Testimonial

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@QC | Quality Control Studios, Atlanta, Ga. | Home of Lil Baby | Migos | Cardi B | Lil Yachty

A Repository of various assets created by Hall of Fame producer for effective utilization.

@QC | Quality Control Studios, Atlanta. Ga. | Home of Lil Baby | Migos | Cardi B | Lil Yachty

Club Hit Produced By Cano Classic Featuring Lightskin Keisha
VH1 Love & Hip Hop

      You gotta take it serious if you want serious results…

      Rap Coalition

      This Is A Must-Hear Profit-Sharing Opportunity. This Offer Will Not Last.

      What if I have a playlist that could keep you motivated and give you access to powerful production that will light your project up? That’s why I’m opening up possibilities for the right artist. When you’re in the right place, you’ll hear the right opportunities that could make your project better and get what’s really needed to make your dreams come true. Let’s create something that makes you smile and feel good about something you’ve accomplished! What if we could have the best year of our life working together?

      Let’s make a hit! Don’t take my word for it – test it! It’s all about preparation though, so before you listen, if you truly believe in yourself ask yourself these (3) questions. This is will be a game changer for you.

      1. How do you want to feel?

      2. How can you do it in a world-class way?

      3. How can you bring FUN into the mix?

      4. What can you add that will make a change in yo

      Cano – Your Future Producer

      Your music inspires me to want to record, the hard part is finding time to get in the zone to.

      2lue – Recording Artist

      The Exit Plan – The Best Kept Secret : Consider your options. Speak with your investors. Make it your cash cow through merger and acquisition. Text (404) 913-2775 For more information.

      Find Your True Sound. Tap Into Your Full Potential. Show Off Who You Are & Reserve Your Next Hit Now!

      I think we should collaborate with what you have and with what I have to turn it all the way up! You have that gift inside of you. Don’t just listen… Flow or sing to this playlist before we meet at the studio! Creating makes you feel amazing! We have beats to get more fans going crazy about YOU!

      We’re looking to hear your passion, authenticity and what makes you different! You can hire a producer who can do all of this to help free you up, creating more time so you can focus on going to the next level! Record. Produce. Mix. Master. Engineer. Arrange. Radio Editing. Flyer/Cover/Logo Art. T-Shirt Branding. Website Design. Video Editing. Marketing and Management.

      Partner with TheBeatLottery.com | Text Now: (404) 913-2775

      Cano – Your Future Producer

      Congratulations On Connecting To A Bigger Opportunity!

      We Have The Drive, The Capabilities & Sound To Make It Happen! Don’t Take Your Gift For Granted & The Value You Can Bring To The World.

      “Cano is a beast and the best in the City”

      Kori White
      Director/Cox Radio 95.7jamz.com/ 95.7 FM Jamz 98.7 Kiss FM 102.1 Wenn FM | Testimonial

      I Believe This Could Lead To You Getting Everything You’ve Ever Imagined For Yourself…

      These never-before released beats with a signature sound has been the #1 reason for my success & how I’ve been able to stay motivated! Don’t freeze up or allow others opinions to keep you from your dream – it’s waiting on YOU!

      This Is Just The Tip Of The Iceberg. Keep Your Ears Open… Another Hit Is Coming Your Way

      A dream written down to a beat becomes a goal. A goal broken down into steps becomes a plan. A plan backed by action becomes a reality.

      Just listen and see where it go! Just Flow...

      Cano – Your Future Producer

      Did You Know?

      There are opportunities you haven’t heard of that you can use for your project. Give yourself time to decide and take the challenge. Visualize where you want to be and take what I have to get there today. You never know, just one thought can suddenly free you up & be a game changer!

      “Cano is the Dr. Dre of the South”

      No Limit Records | Testimonial

      What’s The Cost Of Not Using It

      What’s The Cost Of Not Doing It? What’s The Cost Of Not Having It? I realized I would be doing a disservice If I didn’t let you hear what you could use to the next level and I just can’t let that happen to you.

      “When it comes to survival of the fittest Cano is the final answer. He’s hands-down the best producer in the state of Alabama and arguably one of the best in the South. He’s Versatile, Converting From Producer To Artist With Ease. Literally Having Thousands Of Tracks At His Finger Tips, Cano Is No Rookie.”

      K.Thomas | Editor
      On Wax Magazine | Testimonial

      Benefits Of The Beat Lottery

      Life’s easier, higher royalties, unique sound, roadblocks removed, opportunities fueled, secure retirement and more control of your life and free time to do what you really want!

      Now Is The Greatest Time To Listen. What Is Your Super Power? What Makes You Dope?

      We May Just Have Your Winning Ticket! It’s the repetition and routine that’s gonna get you to the next stage. Always go back and listen if it didn’t click the first time. Don’t get discouraged. Tune in and Tune up!

      Sound Good. Feel Good. Do Good. Win With Music Today! You Can Do This With Just Your Voice!

      • Hear Some Of The Rarest, “Out Of The Box”, Tracks In The World!
      • Get Closer To Your Goals With 24/7 Access and over +500 Beats!
      • Discover Inspiration To Take More Control Of Your Career
      • Award-Winning Hall Of Fame Producer That Has Dedicated Over 20 Years In The Industry

      The Best Result working together would be a win – win without compromising each other. Having the right relationships with the right production is the key to success in this in industry. Sometimes the only way to get to it is to flow through it.

      Cano – Your Future Producer”

      Music Is My Medicine. These Beats Are To Help You Sound Good, Feel Good & Have A Good Life!

      I’ve Waited. Held Out. Now It’s Time. Your feedback means the world.

      “You are officially An Honorary Member Of Beats By The Pound”

      Craig B, Odell & Mo B. Dick
      Beats By The Pound aka The Medicine Men| No Limit Records | Testimonial

      Has any song before ever had former Cash Money and No Limit rappers featured at the same time? The Cano Cain produced “U Know My Kind” pulls off this seemingly impossible feat, as B.G. shares mic duties with Magic (RIP) and Jones. In fact a lot of this album seems to be stealing the thunder No Limit used to have, with a synthesized horny horn ode to cars with “Big Bodies” and even the “24’s” that they ride on, the latter featuring Texas superstars Bun B and Mike Jones.

      Steve ‘Flash’ Juon

      How Can We Make Your Next Project A Reality?

      For you to go from where you are to where you want to go, you’re gonna need help, a unique sound and guidance, a different sound and next level guidance. So if you are gonna need it, then you’d probably pay someone to help you & hopefully you already know I’m good to go, you know my capabilities and my work ethic and I’d love it to be me, because I don’t know what ‘ll happen if you give someone else money that will may not care as much as I do, so if you’re ready for the next stage, I’d love to help you on your journey.

      Let Me Know If You’re Ready

      I like to help impact artists careers by giving the success tools to tap into their full potential and removing the roadblocks to help them make it big through virtue of the arts.

      Cano – Your Future Producer

      What’s The Difference Between $1 Bill & A $100 Bill?

      Same paper, just different wording! The Beat Lottery empowers artists to use imagination to change their circumstances tapping into their talents writing about both the good and bad sides of life. Hopeful and inspiring, The Beat Lottery reassures artist that their world can be made into a better place creating songs exactly how they want it to be..

      Do you believe that you could hear that one track that could help you achieve your next level or dream life?

      Cano – Your Future Producer

      Let’s Share The Profit Together!

      Go from wanting more to having more using these tracks bringing out the best version of you today!

      Cano – Your Future Producer

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      Congratulations! You have won an OPPORTUNITY for entry into The Beat Lottery Sweepstakes, using production from an experienced Award Winning Music Hall of Fame Producer which should have beneficial effects not only on your music career and personal life, but on your fans as well. We hope you enter into The Beat Lottery Sweepstakes with the understanding and expectation of having a residual income finding some of the “missing lottery ticket numbers” assigned to thousands of beats in our library (scroll below for beats) for your own success.



      1. 1. A. CHI-TOWN

      2. B. CHOP


      4. D. JUNGLE BOY

      5. E. GEORGIE