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We are a Music agency

We can professionally record, mix and master your audio commercially for Radio & TV today! We have produced state-of-the-art production corn many celebrity clients, major record labels and independent artists in the music recording business.

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Congratulations! You have an opportunity for entry into The Beat Lottery Sweepstakes, using production from an experienced award winning music hall of fame producer which should have beneficial effects not only on your music career and personal life, but on your fans as well. We hope you enter into The Beat Lottery Sweepstakes with the understanding and expectation of having a residual income finding some of the “missing lottery ticket numbers” assigned to thousands of beats in our library (scroll below for beats) for your own success.

Listening to The Beat Lottery will hopefully inspire more artists, songwriters, rappers, singers, and poets to dedicate themselves to getting back to genuine songwriting and meaningful music.

Here www.MyOfficeInTheStreets.com arranges meetings to introduce artists and companies to residual opportunities and moderates marketing and recording services.

The mission is to consistently look for ways to help each artist using The Beat Lottery and www.MyOfficeInTheStreets.com resources which will make them better at what they do artistically.

The Beat Lottery is a strategic connector of talented artists finding a match to their ideal song with the right beat creating a “win-win” relationship with the potential to create residual income using “The Beat Lottery Sweepstakes” beats as a strategic matchmaker in music.



  1. A. CHI-TOWN

2. B. CHOP






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Being a strategic music resource partner for artists enable artists to find solutions to their needs and problems artistically, as well as, ways to help them take advantage of ideas they have, but which without someone’s help would never materialize into anything of consequences.

The Beat Lottery is done with confidence and belief that your artist actions will benefit themselves in ways in which you would have never dreamed possible with outcomes that resemble a winning lottery ticket

The Beat Lottery Sweepstakes” expresses the real “heart” of talented artists with a renewed vision making artists more resilient and more appreciative for what we have, and some of what others had been taking for granted.

The altruistic nature of The Beat Lottery Sweepstakes involves the notion of helping artist with a “back of the mind” hope that somewhere down the line the artist wins and benefits.

Those who spread this golden opportunity rule, concept, will inherit a heightened prestige enhancing themselves in the eyes/ears of others, while experiencing an increase in their own self-confidence and sense of pride and accomplishment.

We hold great promise for artists, but which without help from The Beat Lottery, My Office In The Streets, and others like advertising, marketing, recording, mixing, mastering, money or moral support, they may never see the light of day or certainly may never reach their full potential.

There’s a “rush” that comes from connecting beats with dope artists and watching/listening to the energy they create or how they find ways to make more meaningful music.

Sometimes you got to do things to encourage yourself. Pat yourself on the back! Lots of people put each other down. Lift your own self up as a better day is coming with The Beat Lottery and My Office In The Streets!

There’s positive energy associated with The Beat Lottery Sweepstakes, its sure to lead you with finding a winning a lottery ticket.

The real shortcoming today in music is artist tend to remain with the same or similar superficial sound and never really break through the music industry? Fans get to hear that artist in the right context where the artist stand out.

Too many artists and labels are all about having the same sound and style and believing in a false sense of production musically.

In the midst of the superficial sound, The Beat Lottery lifts the level of composing and moves it to what I refer to as meaningful music. It is at this stage that the value of The Beat Lottery really becomes key in helping facilitate and speed up the song building process. The Beat Lottery is all about connecting artists with meaningful music and the resources they need, which allows them to stand out and lead other artists to do the same.

Sponsors can bring a new perspective to the table along with a different approach to production and can also point out an obvious fit re-framing the missing beat for the artist. Few artist may not understand that they couldn’t see or hear what they misheard and overlooked.

To play The Beat Lottery, search and win just by subscribing with your email address, then search for a beat at www.MyOfficeInTheStreets.com Simply sing, freestyle, or write to any number of beats for the perfect song match and you’re automatically entered to win.

If you would like to download the track without tags, you can email beat number and name and purchase here. Please Allow 24-48 hours for delivery of mastered beat without tags.

The Beat Lottery “Write and Win” is beat search engine for artists that could make you a millionaire! Use it everyday to find new residual opportunities through beats and ideas you’re looking for to stand out for stardom. Search for beats like hip-hop, R&B, country, pop, and alternative. Plus, the more you listen to The Beat Lottery Sweepstakes you increase your chances to win instantly.

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