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Credits: All Music Mixed, Mastered & Produced By Cano Cain Classic For Solomon s Seal Music Publishing BMI © 2020

Can an Artist use any of these tracks and become successful?

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Here arranges meetings to introduce artists and companies to residual opportunities and moderates marketing and recording services.

The mission is to consistently look for ways to help each artist using an Award Winning Hall of Fame Producer and resources in completing profitable projects.

It’s Punchie Blended Juice

Order Now 205-527-1783
Pineapple Orange Lemonade
Fruit Punch
Peach Orange Pineapple
$3 Pint size/16oz
$10 half gallons
Agave sweetened fruit juices
Guava Strawberry
Peach Strawberry
CranGrape Guava Mango
Appleberry Mango
Mango Peach
$3 pint/16oz
$10 half gallons

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Beyond Good and Evil Audiobook


Friedrich Nietzsche’s Beyond Good and Evil, first published in 1886, presents a scathing critique of traditional morality and attacks previous philosophers for their blind acceptance of mans’ religious ideals of virtue. As an alternative to what he viewed as the illogical and irrelevant philosophy of the nineteenth century, Nietzsche argues for the importance of imagination, self-assertion, danger, and originality for genuine philosophy. He furthermore denies the existence of a universal system of morality and instead offers a framework in which social roles and power dynamics dictate what is appropriate. A culmination of Nietzsche’s mature philosophy, Beyond Good and Evil is a classic of moral thought and one of the foundations of existentialism. This edition is the translation by Helen Zimmern.

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Stream 100,000 Movies & TV Shows | No Subscription Needed

Searching for a particular movie or show? Stream the newest movies not available on Netflix or other subscription services.

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Credit Repair Make a Plan, Improve Your Credit, Avoid Scams


Clean up your credit, create a budget, and avoid overspending with this bestseller. You’ll get sample letters to negotiate with creditors, forms to fix errors on your credit report, and more.  Learn how to:

  • get rid of errors in your credit report
  • negotiate with creditors
  • create a budget and make a plan to get out of debt

Includes all the forms you need to send to creditors and credit reporting agencies!


A solid, thorough, user-friendly resource accessible to anyone and everyone concerned about their credit rating.” – Midwest Book Review

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Discover Your Power

Realize your Ingenuity 🏁

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