Dear God, Most High, YHWH, hear my prayer,

As I face discouragement, I turn to Your care.

In moments I feel stuck in negativity,

Fill me with purpose and creativity.

When gravity pulls me down with stress,

Grant me the strength to overcome my own mess.

Help me rise above laziness and discontent,

To find joy and meaning is my heart’s true intent.

In times of sadness and sorrow’s I face,

Wrap Your love around me, providing solace and grace.

When trouble and worry surround my way,

Guide me through darkness to a brighter day.

Feelings of dissatisfaction, my spirit out of tune

Shine Your light by day, and at night be my moon.

Ease my pain and release me from misery’s chain,

Flood my heart with love, let Your peace reign.

When hate and depression cloud my soul,

Lead me towards healing, so I can feel whole.

Lift the veil of dullness and seriousness I wear,

Reignite my spirit, with a sense of care.

Whenever I feel stuck, may Your love ignite,

A passion for life, and a sense of right.

As tragedies and dramas unfold what looks like Hell,

Grant me the strength to troubleshoot and prevail.

In the depths of misery, let hope rise,

As I find comfort in Your infinite skies.

When I feel disinterested wasting my days,

Help me find purpose in Your loving ways.

Less agitation, worry, and despair,

Infuse me with more courage, and more grace is my prayer.

When i feel bored and sometimes it’s hard to tell

Ignite a fire within, so I can excel.

Let my funny feelings and instincts accept my past,

A connection to Your wisdom, a love that will last.

Fill me with a higher vibration, divine,

An admirable aura, with Your light, let it shine.

As I take action, embrace Your Holy Spirit’s call,

And find a frame of mind to rise above it all.

Help me be useful, get better,stronger and wiser,

To find satisfaction and love being a Tither

With a higher quality life and bounce in my step,

Eagerness to explore, let Your presence be my pep.

Shape my character, response, and desire,

Fill me with Your wisdom, Your holy fire.

In composure, I seek Your clear, conscious grace,

An improved condition, mind, spirit, and space.

A finer wave of emotions, I pray,

With Your elevation and juice, I’ll make a way.

Let Your spirit guide me, like trailing a car,

So that Your love and joy, Take me far

In moments souped up, with sparkle and delight,

May Your presence fill me, day and night.

Grant me remarkable, exclusive good feelings to share,

And a distinguished mood, filled with love and care.

A cut above the ordinary, let me rise,

With wit, rush, and bliss, under Your skies.

May I find exceeding good quality in every way,

And triumph in Your love, day by day.

Let me be an expert in sharing Your light,

Radiating Your love, making the world bright.

With charm, enthusiasm, excitement, and kicks,

Above all, may I reflect Your eternal fix.

Fill me with pleasantness and the Holy Spirit call,

Let Your majesty and love become my all.

Sharpen my desires to align with Your will,

And may Your love be the star in my eyes, still.

As I face discouragement and negativity,

I turn to You, my Guiding Light.

In every challenge, may Your love be found,

Grant me strength, courage, and peace all around.


Together let’s transform dullness into delight, sadness into sparkle and hate into happiness. Let the power within you shine and guide you towards higher quality, passion and purpose using discouragement and negativity as stepping stones to a happier, more fulfilled life with the right attitude and the right actions! Let’s put this prayer in the air🚀

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