Choosing your friends wisely is essential for your personal growth and well-being. Troubleshooting your friends and allowing them to troubleshoot you is part of a healthy and balanced relationship. However, it’s crucial to differentiate between those who genuinely care about you and those who are toxic or unreliable. Your emotional intelligence and intuition will offend everyone
who can’t run game on you.

Here’s a breakdown of the key points:

  1. Responsibility for Actions: It’s important to surround yourself with individuals who take responsibility for their actions. True friends are willing to acknowledge their mistakes, apologize, and work towards making amends. If someone consistently avoids taking responsibility or refuses to see the wrong they’ve done, it may be a sign of a toxic friendship.
  2. Emotional Manipulation: A healthy friendship should not make you feel bad for expressing anger or addressing wrongdoing. If someone consistently tries to manipulate your emotions, making you feel guilty or wrong for holding them accountable, it’s a red flag. Genuine friends will value open communication and respect your feelings.
  3. Distinguishing Between Real and Fake Friends: Authentic friendships are built on trust, support, and shared values. When you start setting boundaries and addressing issues, you may encounter resistance from those who are not truly invested in your well-being. They may prefer a superficial friendship where you let everything slide. Recognize that true friends will appreciate your growth, understand the importance of healthy boundaries, and support you even during difficult conversations.
  4. Observing Actions: Actions often speak louder than words. While it’s important to listen to what your friends say, it’s equally crucial to pay attention to their behavior. If their actions consistently contradict their words or if their actions hurt you or others, it may be a sign that their friendship is not genuine or healthy.
  5. Shared Values and Goals: Surrounding yourself with individuals who share your values and aspirations can be incredibly fulfilling. Not everyone will align with your journey, and that’s okay. Choose friends who support your growth and are on a similar path, as they will provide the necessary encouragement and inspiration to reach your goals.

Remember, friendships are a two-way street. Just as you expect support and understanding from your friends, you should reciprocate the same. Building and maintaining healthy friendships requires effort, communication, and empathy. Choose your friends wisely, and invest your time and energy in relationships that uplift and encourage your personal growth.

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