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I am a passionate music producer who thrives on exploring and appreciating songs and artists across any genre. While I may have expertise in a various styles, I easily geek out over music in various genres and have a knack for getting my friends excited about them too.

My true passion lies in creating digital content and executing high-quality projects, even when faced with limited resources. I specialize in music production, videography, photography, graphic design, editing, and animation, and I take pride in my ability to bring ideas to life, from conceptualization to execution. I am a creative storyteller with a penchant for out-of-the-box thinking, and I relish the opportunity to run projects independently, without direct supervision.

The challenge of creating content for emerging artists in the early stages of their careers excites me immensely. I constantly come up with innovative and creative ways to promote their work and help them gain recognition. As an active user on social media platforms, particularly have music trending on TikTok, I am enthusiastic about using my personal accounts to generate awareness and engage with my audience.

Music, pop culture, and social media are not just interests for me; they are my driving forces. I have an unwavering passion for these fields, which fuels my creativity and motivates me to excel in my role as a music producer.

I welcome individuals from diverse backgrounds, in assistance for well-rounded projects. My skill set includes a strong working knowledge of digital technology, editing software packages, and professional-grade production software and hardware from SSL to Avid Pro, audio equipment and software, which adds an extra layer of expertise to my work.

My music engineering editing abilities are evident through my impressive portfolio and robust social media presence. I understand the viral nature of social media platforms, particularly TikTok, and I know how to create content that resonates and stands out from the crowd.

Creating content for my own public social media profiles, including TikTok and Instagram, is something I eagerly embrace. It allows me to showcase my creativity, connect with my followers, and contribute to the digital landscape in a meaningful way.

With a professional attitude, exceptional communication skills, and a strong sense of time management and organization, I am well-equipped to meet deadlines and deliver outstanding results in fast-paced environments. I am comfortable working remotely and independently, which enables me to excel in this role.

In summary, as a music producer, I am driven by my love for music, pop culture, and social media. My ability to appreciate and work across genres, coupled with my expertise in digital content creation, positions me as a valuable asset to emerging artists. I am eager to make a significant impact in the industry and contribute to the success of talented musicians

Cano Cain Classic, is an Award Winning American record producer, audio engineer, record executive, Alabama Hall Of Fame Honoree and entrepreneur. He is the founder and CEO of Loveshooter Inc, Troubleshooter Muzik, a subsidiary of Solomon s Seal Music Publishing BMI and

Cano Cain Classic is a highly influential and respected producer from Alabama. He is a great great grandson of Rev. Cleveland Charles Clency, an orchestra conductor in the 1930s, and his great uncle is the renowned trumpeter Dr. Tolton Rosser, conductor for The Birmingham Heritage Jazz Band and an Alabama Jazz Hall of Famer.

Cano grew up in Birmingham, spending summers and Christmas breaks in Chicago, and in between is where he developed his love for music and his unique style of hip-hop, which has been dubbed “addictive and dope.”

During the 1990s, Cano interned at H&H productions under the guidance of Clinton Harris, Sr., an executive from Motown Records. It was here that he gained valuable engineering experience and honed his skills as a producer.

His early productions were a multifaceted mix of diverse sounds, including West Coast, Midwest, East Coast, and Gulf Coast beats, with a strong focus on R&B and jazz. One of his early projects, the Loveshooter Lounge, featured powerful jazz-like melodies and beautiful harmonies, and celebrated poetry with renown Spoken Word Artist Glennwood Urbz, creating an extraordinary and poignant record that focused on the African American love and aimed to promote positive and peaceful communication.

Throughout the early 1990s, Cano was at the forefront of the birth of Alabama hip-hop and had the opportunity to produce for some of the biggest names in the music industry, including R.O.A. G 4 Life and the iconic No Limit Artists Fiend, Young Bleed, Mr. Magic, and Skull Duggery. He was also an honorary member of No Limits’ Beats By The Pound, where he produced alongside Mo B Dick, Odell, KLC, and Craig B, and worked with Cash Money artist B.G., The Last Mr Bigg, Xay Capisce, and LightSkin Keisha.

He even had the opportunity to remix posthumously on behalf of Interscope for 2Pac’s Loyal To The Game album.

Following his touring and record success with No Limit and Tommy Boy records, Cano founded Troubleshooter Muzik, a collective collaboration of humble talents and solution-focused music. He released “Listen Man,” a classic musical mindset shift featuring a diverse array of artists.

Cano is known for his versatility and ability to easily transition from producer to artist, and has thousands of tracks at his fingertips. He has been described as “hands-down the best producer in the state of Alabama and arguably one of the best in the South,” and is highly respected in the music industry.

After returning from Canada, Cano began producing for heavyweight American boxing champion Roy Jones Jr and Bodyhead Records, and was responsible for the international TikTok success “U Know My Kind.”

Cano is also committed to giving back to his community and helping others overcome challenges through financial education and business support. He uses his higher level capabilities and the virtue of the arts to make a positive impact through

Cano is a beast and the best in the City”

Kori White – Director/Cox Radio 95.7 Jamz 98.7 Kiss FM 102.1 Wenn FM

Alabama Hall of Fame Honoree 2018

Greatest Of All Time Producer Award Recipient Alabama Dirty 30 2003

Best Producer Of The Year Award Recipient A.U.A. 2007

Pioneer Award Recipient R.O.A. (producer/artist) Alabama 2007

Honorary Member Of Beats By The Pound/The Medicine Men 2000

Roger Nichols Master Grammy Mixing Class Stankonia Studios Atlanta 2004

Graduated Digidesign School South Beach, Miami

B.E.T. Rip The Run Way Atlanta 2006-7

Cano Cain Classic

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