Aligning Historic Apparel With Neighborhood Values

Involve your neighborhood! Now is the time to celebrate our Legacy on a local level with a social impact invested in matching historical apparel that can help generate a positive impact in our neighborhood.

Contribute to positive change while representing your legacy in the neighborhood.

It really starts with understanding the neighborhood that you represent. We match those values with the neighborhood through virtue of the arts and fashion.

We salute and honor long serving members of the neighborhood and those who give back to the neighborhood.

Our mission is to improve the outlook through outreach in surrounding communities by concentrating self-confidence in neighborhood based Custom-Designed Historical Apparel celebrating diversity of communities

Our Neighborhood LOVE Program
is a collaboration between Loveshooter Inc., and local authorized resellers in every Neighborhood worldwide.

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Our mission is to improve the esteem and attitude for families living in surrounding communities by concentrating self-confidence neighborhood based custom-designed historical apparel celebrating diversity of communities and support long serving accomplished resident driven neighborhood revitalization.

Through a combination of strategic relationships with authorized resellers extending our support of communities through partnerships we’re creating apparel that help strengthen and revitalize communities in which we reside.

We recognize and honor members of the community and who give back to their communities. Our long term success is linked to the success of long serving experienced and seasoned neighbors in our neighborhood they serve.

We help invest, strengthen and support local communities through virtue of the arts and fashion.

Our Neighborhood LOVE program provides moral support to established experienced and seasoned mentors and members of the community.

We celebrate giving back to matriarchs and patriarchs of the community that deserve to feel proud and represent their home. | Urbana Ave | Refresh Clothing | Family Ova Everythang Co. | 205.613.9644 | 205.757.1638 | 404.913.2775

I just want to take the time to say thank you for what you do & I will take it to the next generation and keep it going. Sharing what I’ve learned with the next generation as my OG’s shared with me. It ain’t about the money it’s the love. Let’s get the neighborhood together celebrate those that helped us understand the code, helped us realize our responsibility to the code and our responsibility to give it to the next one. Each one teach one. These men and women are absolutely essential to the community. This is a tribute to my OG’s. Forever grateful for giving me a shot and showing the way. Honorable. They gave more than what was asked and more than enough of what’s needed. True OG’s only ask ‘what you need?’. They pushed down barriers and opened doors. It’s a lot of power in our neighborhoods and if you’re smart you’ll listen to the OG’s. There is so much more than what you see in the hood. I will always have respect for OG’s…. the things we went through…. the things we survived…

Please join us!

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