Mark had always been a curious person. He had always wondered what people truly felt about him, despite what they said. He had always been so focused on this that he had never really realized the advantages of having this kind of knowledge.

One day, Mark stumbled upon a mysterious book that promised to give him the ability to know exactly how someone felt about him, regardless of what they said. Without hesitation, Mark read the book, and before he knew it, he had gained this incredible ability.

Mark immediately put his new ability to the test. He started by testing it on his closest friends and family. He was shocked to find out that his best friend had always been jealous of his success, and his sister had always felt inferior to him. But he also found out that his parents loved him unconditionally, and his partner truly loved him.

Mark quickly learned that knowing people’s true feelings could be both a blessing and a curse. On one hand, it helped him understand people better, and on the other, it made it harder for him to trust people. But he knew that this ability would help him in the long run, as he would never have to wonder about someone’s true feelings again.

Have you ever found yourself wondering what someone truly thinks of you, despite the words they speak? Imagine if you had the ability to know exactly how someone felt about you, without any doubts or uncertainty. The advantages of this ability would be immense.

Think of it like a GPS navigation system for your relationships. Just as a GPS guides you to your destination, knowing how someone truly feels about you would guide you in understanding the dynamics of your relationships. It would allow you to navigate through difficult conversations, and avoid misunderstandings. You would be able to build deeper, more meaningful connections with others, and avoid wasting time and energy on relationships that aren’t meant to be.

But, unfortunately, we don’t have a GPS for our relationships. However, we can still gain insight into how someone feels about us by paying attention to their actions and behaviors, rather than just their words. Look for consistency in their actions, if they often make time for you, if they show genuine concern and care towards you, then it is likely they value and care about you.

In conclusion, while we may not have a GPS for our relationships, we can still gain insight into how others feel about us by paying attention to their actions and behaviors. So, don’t just listen to the words they say, pay attention to what they do, and you will be able to navigate your relationships with greater ease and understanding.”

I used to guess but…

I now understand,

The thoughts and feelings of those near,

Despite what they say, I can always hear,

The secrets they keep,

The love they reap,

The disdain and the hate,

It’s all on my plate,

With this power I wield,

I can see what’s concealed,

But it’s a heavy load to bear,

As I’m always aware,

Of the truth behind the mask,

It’s hard to trust or simply ask,

But in the end it’s worth the cost,

As I know who truly loves me the most.

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