There are many different vocal warm up exercises you can try to help improve your flow, reduce stress, and increase confidence. Here are a few examples:

1. Start by humming a simple melody or scale. This will help to loosen up your vocal muscles and prepare them for singing.

2. Try singing a few tongue twisters out loud. This will help to improve your articulation and diction.

3. Practice singing a song or melody using different vowel sounds, such as “ee,” “ah,” and “oh.” This will help to stretch and strengthen your vocal cords.

4. Take deep breaths and exhale slowly while making a sustained “sssss” sound. This will help to calm your nerves and improve your breath control.

5. Sing a simple song or melody with a soft, gentle tone. This will help to relax your vocal muscles and reduce tension.

Overall, the key is to find vocal warm up exercises that work for you and to practice them regularly. This will help to improve your singing ability and increase your confidence.

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