Join Glennwood Urbz and host William Washington with talented artists performing spoken word, poetry, hip hop, R&b and comedy along with a live band!WWC 480 7th Ave. New York, New York 10018www.GlennwoodUrbz.com for booking and more info 205.757.1638 My Declaration of a Loveshooter

We are a group of dedicated people driven to keep alive the forces that protect love and the common good on the basis of all unselfishness, cooperation and the strengthening of love of all human beings.We are defendants of love and will not compromise to allow corruption of value. Loveshooter Inc. Honorable, recognized and supported. We stand as a refuge for anyone that desires to live and love better to have a chance to do so.Be a more loving person for a more loving world. We are here to help you grow in love and live an enlightened life advancing the general state of mankind. We are not founded on the profit system however we do appreciate your financial support to help fuel more positive efforts.Being a Loveshooter is sending forth love without bias….. Witness the definition of a Loveshooter. Show your love. Shoot your shot. Link in bio. Merchandise available at Amazon.com #theheartofaloveshooter

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