Imagine a priceless diamond. This diamond has been evaluated by experts, and its value has been determined to be truly priceless. However, there are those who will try to devalue it, to convince others that it is not worth as much as it truly is. They may try to chip away at its reputation, spread false information about its quality, or try to tarnish its brilliance. But no matter how much they try to devalue it, the diamond’s true value remains unchanged.

This analogy is much like how people can manipulate and influence others to devalue something that is truly valuable. It could be a person, an idea, or even a product. They may try to spread negativity and doubt, but the true value of that thing remains the same. Just like the diamond, it cannot be devalued by the spiteful actions of others. It is important to remember that true value is not determined by the opinions of others, but by the inherent qualities and worth of the thing in question.”

A diamond in the rough,

Shining bright, but often scuffed,

Its true value known by few,

But many try to devalue.

They chip away at its reputation,

Spread lies to tarnish its shine,

But deep down, its value remains,

Unchanged by spiteful minds.

Like this diamond, we too,

Are often subject to manipulation,

People try to make us feel small,

But our worth stays the same, unshaken.

Just as the diamond cannot be

Devalued by external force,

Our value is determined by ourselves,

Not by the opinions of course.

Let us not be swayed by the noise,

Of those who try to bring us down,

For just like the diamond,

Our true value will always be found.

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