Join us for a night of celebration and musical homage as we honor the legacy of Mr. Magic. Mr. Magic, a remarkable artist has left an indelible mark on the music industry, and we’re coming together to pay our respects in style. Save the date and come experience a night of music, memories, and appreciation.

Event Details:

• Date: Saturday, August 19th

• Time: Doors open at 8:00 PM

• Venue: DAAO, 7140 Downman Road

• Sounds by: Du Tée

• Hosted by: Ham Corleonne & Sess 4-5

• Admission: Free entry all night long

A Tribute to Musical Legends:

Mr. Magic and Cano Cain, two visionary artists, joined forces and created a musical legacy that continues to inspire and resonate with fans across the globe. Their collaboration gave birth to unforgettable hits that defined an era and left an indelible mark on hip-hop history.

Cano was at Big Pen Studio, one of No Limits’ studio partners in Louisiana, where he crossed paths with Mr. Magic. Together, they embarked on a creative journey that saw them producing hits for artists like B.G. from Cash Money Records’ Hot Boyz, Roy Jones Jr alongside Young Bleed, Skull Duggrey, and Fiend since meeting at Craig B No Limit Studio. Their musical synergy led to the creation of the iconic track “U Know My Kind,” featuring a guest appearance from the famed Olympic boxer Roy Jones Junior and B.G. from Cash Money Records’ Hot Boyz.

On August 16th, 2004, Bodyhead Bangers released a star-studded compilation that included smash hits like “I Smoke I Drank” featuring Young Bleed and the Youngbloodz, as well as “U Know My Kind” with B.G. from Cash Money Records’ Hot Boyz produced by Cano Cain. This track, a testament to the magic Cano and Mr. Magic created together, continues to inspire listeners and has even become a sensation on TikTok, motivating people during their gym workouts.

Mr. Magic’s influence extended beyond his lyrical prowess. Hailing from the 9th Ward in Louisiana, he made his mark on the industry with tracks like “Down For My Ni@@$” featuring Snoop Dogg and C-Murder. As we celebrate their contributions, we also keep C-Murder and B.G. in our prayers, hoping for their eventual release from prison.

Join us on August 19th as we honor the incredible legacy of Mr. Magic. Let’s come together for a night of music, memories, and a heartfelt tribute to these musical pioneers who continue to inspire us.

Cano Classic’s Enduring Legacy

In the realm of music, there are individuals whose impact transcends time, and Cano Cain is undeniably one of them. A master of his craft, Cano’s journey from producing hits with No Limit and Cash Money to becoming a guiding force for emerging artists is nothing short of inspirational. With thousands of beats at his disposal and an unwavering dedication to fostering talent, Cano is ready to make waves once again.

Cano’s early days saw him collaborating with the iconic No Limit Records, a powerhouse in the world of hip-hop. His production prowess contributed to the success of artists like Young Bleed, Skull Duggrey, and Fiend. It was during these formative years that he crossed paths with the legendary Mr. Magic, a partnership that gave birth to timeless tracks that continue to resonate with fans today.

Fast forward to the present, and Cano remains a beacon of creativity and innovation. Armed with a vast library of beats, he stands ready to support budding artists on their journey to stardom. Just as he played a pivotal role in helping artists rise to prominence during the No Limit era, Cano is committed to sharing his expertise, guidance, and beats to help aspiring talents make their mark on the industry.

Cano’s dedication to artist development is a testament to his enduring passion for music. He understands the power of mentorship and collaboration, and his willingness to provide a platform for new voices speaks volumes about his character and commitment to the craft.

As we celebrate the legacy of Mr. Magic and Cano Classic, let’s also look forward to the future they continue to shape. Cano’s journey has come full circle, and his desire to help artists succeed is as strong as ever. With thousands of beats waiting to be transformed into chart-topping hits, the stage is set for emerging talents to rise and shine under his guidance.

Join us on August 19th as we honor these remarkable individuals and their ongoing impact on the music world. Cano Cain’s journey is far from over, and his unwavering spirit continues to inspire us all.

For updates and more information, stay connected through our event channels and explore the links provided to delve into the world of Cano Cain’s musical mastery.

Excerpt: And in case you were wondering where Mr. Jones stands on the views of his compadres, he throws in the line “Roy ain’t got to smoke or drank, he gets head!” Clearly you can put him on Noreaga’s Christmas list for a new whip. “Body Head Bangerz” tries to offer a little something for everybody, and uses a lot of guest stars and the presence of the established veterans to help keep things in balance. “Keep it Movin” is a pleasing Jerome Hunter produced club swinger, featuring everybody from Fiend to Petey Pablo. Has any song before ever had former Cash Money and No Limit rappers featured at the same time? The Cano & Cain produced “U Know My Kind” pulls off this seemingly impossible feat, as B.G. shares mic duties with Magic and Jones. In fact a lot of this album seems to be stealing the thunder No Limit used to have, with a synthesized horny horn ode to cars with “Big Bodies” and even the “24’s” that they ride on, the latter featuring Texas superstars Bun B and Mike Jones.



Featuring Snoop Dogg and C-Murder

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