For we know not what we do, and that’s so true.

True awareness, it’s hard to find

In a world that’s always spinning round

We can trick ourselves, thinking we’re doing fine

But true perspective is often hard to ground

We get caught up in our own little worlds

Losing sight of what’s truly right

We think we know, but our perspectives are blurred

Blinded by our own ego’s light

But true awareness comes when we step back

And see things from a different view

When we open up, and don’t attack

But consider what others have to say, too

So let’s take a moment, to pause and reflect

On the things we do and say

Let’s not trick ourselves, with fake respect

But strive for true awareness, every sec’

It is important for a person to see what they are doing in the right perspective in order to make informed decisions and take effective actions. This requires self-awareness and the ability to objectively evaluate one’s own thoughts, actions, and behaviors.

Sometimes, we can trick ourselves into thinking we are doing things the right way, when in reality, our perspective may be biased or limited. This can lead to poor decision-making and negative consequences.

One way to gain true awareness is to practice mindfulness, the art of troubleshooting, which involves bringing one’s attention to the present moment and observing one’s thoughts and actions without judgment and bias. This can help a person become more self-aware and better able to see things in the right perspective.

Another way to gain true awareness is to seek feedback from others, this is troubleshooting each other, ‘iron sharpening iron’ as they may have a different perspective and be able to offer valuable insights and suggestions for improvement. It is also important to be open to different viewpoints and consider them carefully, rather than immediately dismissing them or becoming defensive.

It is also helpful to regularly reflect on one’s actions and consider whether they are aligning with one’s values and goals. This can help a person stay on track and ensure that they are making choices that are in line with what is truly important to them.

In summary, gaining true awareness involves being self-aware and open to different perspectives, practicing mindfulness, and regularly reflecting on one’s actions. By seeing things in the right perspective before you react, a person can make informed decisions and take effective actions that align with their values and goals.

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