Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you thought you knew the answer to something, only to later realize you were completely wrong? It’s a common experience for many of us, but it’s one that can have significant consequences, especially when it comes to decision-making.

I feel it’s imperative to look at the importance of not jumping to conclusions, of taking the time to fully understand a situation before making a decision. Because when we make assumptions or act on unconscious bias, we run the risk of making a bad choice that could have long-lasting consequences.

Think of it like trying to solve a puzzle. If you assume you know what a piece should look like before you have all the pieces in front of you, you’re likely to make a mistake. But if you take the time to gather all the pieces and examine them closely, you’ll have a much better chance of putting the puzzle together correctly.

In the same way, we shouldn’t make decisions based on incomplete information or assumptions. We need to take the time to do our due diligence, to troubleshoot, and to gain a full understanding of the situation before we act.

This means avoiding the urge to jump the gun, to act on autopilot without giving the matter the careful consideration it deserves. And it means being aware of our unconscious biases and avoiding the trap of assuming or presuming something to be true without evidence to support it.

So, my friends, I implore you to take a step back, to slow down, and to think things through before making a decision. Don’t decide if you’re not definite. The impact of getting it wrong can be far-reaching and long-lasting. But by taking the time to gather all the information, by troubleshooting and gaining a full understanding, we increase our chances of making the right choice.

When making decisions, it’s wise to take it slow,

And not just jump to conclusions, as you go.

Without due diligence, troubleshooting too,

You’ll end up making mistakes, this much is true.

Assuming and presuming on autopilot flight,

With unconscious biases, can lead to a fright.

A bad decision made, that can cause us to lose,

What we’ve worked so hard for, it’s something to choose.

So don’t decide if you’re not definite,

Take the time to gather all data, you’ll see.

The impact of rushing, is something you’ll rue,

So slow down and think, before deciding anew.

With troubleshooting skills, you’ll understand more,

And not just jump to conclusions, as before.

So be wise in your choices, and don’t be misled,

Take the time to be certain, and success will be ahead.

Once upon a time, there was a young man named Jack who worked as a stockbroker. He was known for being quick on his feet and making quick decisions, which often landed him big profits. But one day, he made a decision that would change his life forever.

He received a tip that a certain stock was about to skyrocket, and without any further investigation, he jumped on the opportunity and invested all of his savings into it. However, it turned out that the tip was incorrect, and the stock crashed, causing Jack to lose everything.

Feeling embarrassed and defeated, Jack realized that he had made a critical mistake. He had acted without doing his due diligence, without troubleshooting and without gaining a full understanding of the situation. He had fallen into the trap of assuming and presuming, and his unconscious biases had led him to make a bad decision.

From that day forward, Jack vowed to never make the same mistake again. He started taking his time to gather all the information and data before making a decision. He learned to troubleshoot and to examine all the pieces of the puzzle before putting it together.

And as a result, Jack regained his success and became one of the most successful stockbrokers in the industry. He was no longer in a rush to make decisions, but instead took the time to be certain and definite before acting.

And the moral of the story is that we shouldn’t jump to conclusions or act on autopilot. We need to take the time to do our due diligence, to troubleshoot, and to gain a full understanding of the situation before making a decision. Because when we don’t, we run the risk of ending up in a bad decision and losing everything we have worked so hard for.

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