Have you ever found yourself going through the motions of your daily routine, just going through the motions without really being present in the moment? This state of being, often referred to as “being on automatic pilot,” can be a dangerous trap.

When we’re on automatic pilot, we assume that we know everything there is to know and that we’re always right. We stop questioning our actions and our beliefs, and we miss out on the opportunity to learn and grow.

But the truth is, we can’t always be right. We all make mistakes and have room for improvement. By being on automatic pilot, we miss out on the chance to troubleshoot and course-correct when things go wrong.

So how do we break out of this cycle of automatic pilot and start truly living in the present moment? It starts with awareness. We must pay attention to our thoughts and actions, and be open to questioning them. We must be willing to listen to others and consider different perspectives.

It’s not easy, but breaking out of automatic pilot is worth it. It allows us to be more present, more open to new ideas, and more receptive to learning and growth. So let’s make a conscious effort to troubleshoot and break out of automatic pilot and truly engage with the world around us.

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